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Value Your House By Investing In The Kitchen

Value Your House By Investing In The Kitchen

Having a well-designed and beautiful kitchen is not only for satisfying cooking capacities but also increasing the value of your property. As a kitchen designer, I get many inquiries from my
customers about how to choose a good style for their kitchens. These questions appear to be basic; nonetheless, to discover answers for them truly taking a hard time. People have different tastes. The more I’m working in kitchen cabinet industry, the more I find out how intricate it is to have a right kitchen plan for each house.

I always ask my customers few questions before I start planning any kitchens such as: where is the house located? Is it a house to live in or just an investment? … Some customers don’t understand why I have to ask those questions which sounds not related to the design ideas. Indeed, these elements help a ton in structure outlines for the kitchens. In the event that it is a house to live in, the kitchen will be customized to accommodate its proprietor's lifestyle. On the other hand, if it is an investment, the kitchen ought to be customized to fit in the area where the house is located. Each location has its own distinctive structure. Right plan for right region. Always.

Furthermore, the design for Richmond area is different from the design for West Van area even it is similar type of room. For example, it is hard to find ultra-modern style of kitchen and house in
Richmond area. On the other hand, a room with sea-view is a trend in West Van area. I had designed for two modern houses with luxury kitchen. They have comparative style, one mansion in Richmond
and one sea-view house in West Van. In 2015, the real estates in Richmond market were very hot but the mansion could not be sold even it had been listed for 6 months. Meanwhile, the sea-view house
in West Van was sold immediately after listing. Therefore, location is very important.

Many customers come to me when they build their new houses. I always give recommends based on customers’ needs. For Chinese customers, they usually build house to live for two or three years
before selling it. Due to this reason, I would recommend a reasonable investment in welldesigned kitchen cabinets. A trend of kitchen design could stay for 5 years in the market. With the correct choice of design, including styles, materials and painting processes, to preserve your property a fresh look, you can easily re-sell your house within three or four years. It may cost more toward the beginning; however, keeping your property not diminishing by time. Esteem your house by brilliant investing.