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Here at A&A Holz, we provide luxury cabinets at an affordable price to suit your every need. With our global expertise, we have the ability to custom craft our cabinets to make your most ingenious designs a reality. No matter how eccentric your vision may be, our company has the skill and the passion to fulfil your desires. We take pride in our German heritage and we make it our mission to not only offer a competitive price, but also maintain the highest level of quality. Each cabinet is crafted using the rigour of German manufacturing techniques and the preciseness of German manufacturing equipment. As a premium supplier of cabinets for the BC market, we build trust with our customers and ensure that they are receiving the best value possible. This is why our customers choose us to preserve their brand and reputation.

Recent Projects

Classic Kitchens

Classic Kitchens's project

Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens's project

Picture 1 : High Gloss light Grey with Greek Walnut Veneer.
Picture 2: Book match the wood gain.
Picture 3: Matter snow white with unique A&A Budweiser Handles door.
Picture 4: Painted cloudy white on maple door with solid walnut door at Island.
Picture 5: Hand made curved selected wood hood.
Picture 6: High gloss white ( Main Kitchen ) with coconut black stain on oak ( Island)
Picture 7: Unique baby walnut gain at island with high gloss grey.
Picture 8: chocolate stain on maple with stainless flip up doors.

Modern Kitchens

Modern Kitchens's project

Picture 1: Painted on maple wood. North Vancouver project. 9 foot ceiling height.
Picture 2: Stain Dark Grey on Maple Flat Door. 9 foot ceiling Height.
Picture 3: Two Tone color project. 9 foot ceiling height High glass white+ Stain on maple.
Picture 4: Painted on Raised maple panel door, 10 foot ceiling height.


Miscellaneous's project

Den, reception, living room, wine cellar. Game Room, Bar. Entry .
We made what you request.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities's project

Picture 1: Vanity with customer wall mirror storage. stain on veneer.
picture 2: Painted grey on maple shake door.
picture 3: wall hang Vanity. solid back. carriage black stain on maple veneer.
Picture 4: painted on maple BM oc40. with custom legs.
Picture 5: painted on maple with mirror Chanel door.
Picture 6: stain on maple with straw insert.
Picture 7: Painted on maple raised with display.
Picture 8: Carriage black stain on maple.


If your are the designer who is looking for products to bring your designs to life.
We are here to support!!! With A&A Holz, a premium cabinet and custom mill-work manufacturer located in Burnaby, British Columbia. You can be assured of quality, reliability, and flexibility.


The A&A team puts love into every piece of cabinetry they make. At A&A Holz, we strongly believe in the word "community". We strive to create an atmosphere of respect and our workers are proud to call themselves an A&A team member.

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